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LayerOne Demoparty 2016

When May 28th 2016 6:00PM

Where LayerOne 2016 Conference - Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles, CA

What LayerOne is a security conference which focuses on a broad range of subjects such as networking, hardware, cryptography, and more. This year we are introducing a new event within the conference, the LayerOne Demoparty. The purpose of this event is to allow hardware and software enthusiasts to create demos and to show them off at the party. The attendees will be welcome to the outside courtyard where we will have couches and chairs set up around a projector and sound system. Attendees can enjoy adult beverages and watch the submitted demos. After all the demos have been presented, winners for the given categories will be announced.



  • Bring your own hardware or use “Compo Machine”
  • We will provide VGA/DVI/HDMI and an audio jack
  • Contact us if you will require any alternate A/V setup
  • No Limits
  • Emulators/Actual Hardware: C64, Amiga, ZX Spectrum, etc.
  • Processors taken out of a toaster
  • Modified Layerone Demoscene Board

L1 Demoscene Board

  • NO hardware mods
  • 256K FLASH, 96K SRAM

Secret Board

  • NO hardware mods
  • 8K FLASH, 1K RAM, 512B of EEPROM


  • If you are attending, you must be present at the start of the party with your submission
  • Bring either a hex or a board with your demo pre-loaded.
  • No modifications may be made to the platform (i.e. - Adding/removing hardware, modifying browser, etc).
  • Remote Entries are welcome!
  • Deadline for remote entries is Friday May 27th, 2016 11:59:59PM PST
  • Production must be your own work. Group collaboration is welcome and encouraged.
  • Production must not have been previously released
  • Production may be disqualified if it breaks any of the rules mentioned above.
  • Rules are subject to reasonable changes see the Rules page on the website for the most up-to-date rules

L1 Demoscene Board

  • Must use an unmodified Layerone Demoscene Board
  • Only USB power will be supplied, no external communication allowed
  • Must display VGA (at least 480pixels vertical)

Secret Board

  • Must use an unmodified Secret Board
  • Only USB power will be supplied, no external communication allowed
  • Must display VGA (at least 480pixels vertical)


  • Bring your own hardware
  • Bring your own software
  • We can provide 5v DC (Micro/Mini USB) or 120V AC
  • Hardware must be able to connect to VGA/DVI/HDMI for video output
  • Hardware must be able to output sound to HDMI or a 1/8“ audio jack
  • Must display VGA (at least 480pixels vertical)
  • If any special (reasonable) A/V requirements are needed, please contact us before May 1st.
  • Software entries (compiled/JS/HTML/etc.) may be run on our “Compo Machine” (details below) if you are unable to provide hardware.

More Info:

Getting Started

L1 Demoscene Board

Getting Started with a stock L1 Demoscene Board:

Layerone Demoscene Board - Getting Started

Alternative Bootloaders:

Layerone IOIO Bootloader - Setup

Layerone MicroChip HID Bootloader - Setup


Instruction set & datasheet for PIC24FJ256DA206: pic24fj256da206.pdf


L1 Demoscene Board Github: L1 Demoscene Board


Board and Schematic Files: L1 Demoscene Board & Schematic

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