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LayerOne Demoparty 2016

May 28th 2016 6:00PM
LayerOne 2016 Conference - Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles, CA
LayerOne is a security conference which focuses on a broad range of subjects such as networking, hardware, cryptography, and more. This year we are introducing a new event within the conference, the LayerOne Demoparty. The purpose of this event is to allow hardware and software enthusiasts to create demos and to show them off at the party. The attendees will be welcome to the outside courtyard where we will have couches and chairs set up around a projector and sound system. Attendees can enjoy adult beverages and watch the submitted demos. After all the demos have been presented, winners for the given categories will be announced.

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Layerone Demoscene Board

  • PIC24FJ256DA206
    • 32Mhz, 16-bit
    • 96Mhz GFX Core (CLUT, Fonts)
    • 96K SRAM
    • 256K FLASH
    • USB/OTG
    • XC16 Compiler, Assembler, Linker

    • USB or EXT power (5-15V)
    • 4-6 GPIO (configurable to UART, SPI, I2C)
    • VGA Port: up to 16bit 5-6-5 DAC, 1-8bpp, up to 640x480
    • Audio Jack: 8bit Audio DAC

    • Open source
    • PIC Debug Port or USB Bootloader (ds30 Loader)
    • Mac, Windows, Linux
L1 Demoscene Board 2014
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