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    • A limited number of new boards are still avaliable.
    • Please email Arko to purchase a board directly.

  • From the Forum
    • If you have a board and want to sell it, post on the Forum!

Build a board

Layerone Demoscene Board

  • PIC24FJ256DA206
    • 32Mhz, 16-bit
    • 96Mhz GFX Core (CLUT, Fonts)
    • 96K SRAM
    • 256K FLASH
    • USB/OTG
    • XC16 Compiler, Assembler, Linker

    • USB or EXT power (5-15V)
    • 4-6 GPIO (configurable to UART, SPI, I2C)
    • VGA Port: up to 16bit 5-6-5 DAC, 1-8bpp, up to 640x480
    • Audio Jack: 8bit Audio DAC

    • Open source
    • PIC Debug Port or USB Bootloader (ds30 Loader)
    • Mac, Windows, Linux
L1 Demoscene Board
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